[time-nuts] Truetime XL-DC help

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Sat Jan 12 20:45:27 EST 2008

Good eve,

	One common problem is that the DC bias produced by your clock and that required by the antenna may not be matched. Look up the antenna specs, and see what it calls for in terms of operating voltage.

	Next, whip out your multimeter and see what the XL-DC is putting out on the center conductor of the antenna cable. If it's more than the Andrew antenna calls for, you're going to need a DC block/injector (also known as a Bias-T) to put the proper voltage up the coax.

	I'm guessing that your antenna has as clear a horizon-to-horizon view as you can give it?

	Happy tweaking.

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On 12-Jan-08 at 17:52 Don Wisdom wrote:

>Hi All,
>I'm fairly new here and could use some help.
>I ended up getting a XL-DC from one of my friends.  It was removed in
>working condition from a local utility. Its the GPS based model.   Anyways
>am having a very hard time trying to get the unit to lock.   It only seems
>to ever be able to track Sat #26.   I have gone thru all the lists and made
>sure every satellite in the list is enabled and soforth.   Still no luck.
>I am using a Andrews GPS antenna that a friend who is a cell site tech got
>me new in the box.   Anyone with experience with the Truetime XL-DC stuff
>that would be willing to lend a hand please email me.
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