[time-nuts] Rb references for audiophiles?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 4 15:36:34 EDT 2008

No, no, no...  you must use dekatrons for your dividers.  Solves many audiophile requirements at one time...  vacuum tube,  nifty spinning glowing thingies you can watch though cutout windows,  endless entertainment for dope addled brains,  err uhhh I forget the rest.

> Jim Lux said, in part,
> "Hey... here's a golden opportunity for a time nut.  I suspect they  
> generate the various clocks using (gasp) digital dividers and such.   
> Now's your chance to design an incredibly complex all analog synthesis  
> chain with step recovery diodes, mix and add, etc.   Everyone knows  
> that for the finest in audio, an all analog (preferably all Class A)
> design is essential."

>>Only if it uses 300B's in the divider!

308B's cost 10 times as much ($2K+ ea) so those MUST be 10 times more audiolicious.

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