[time-nuts] PCB costs and suggestions for suppliers

Patrick optomatic at rogers.com
Tue Jul 8 13:07:00 EDT 2008

Hey David

I asked a similar question about a couple of months ago in this thread:
[time-nuts] PCB design questions thread II

I got lots of great answers. I copied some samples for you below. Please let me now if you need the whole thread forwarded-Patrick


Cheapest place I've come across for easy boards with 10mil or large lines
is this one, but I've not used them yet (probably next month I will):



for guaranteed product quality, including choice of material (FR4 choices,  
Getec, etc), tight impedance control, cleanliness (to reduce loss tangent  
especially for high-frequency performance), and documentation including  
solder-samples and cross-sections etc, try:
Not the cheapest, but great for "professional" proto's when quality trumps  
cost (above 1GHz, one source FR4 is totally different from another  sources 
expresspcb.com works well for low cost, quick-turn proto's.


I've had good experiences with www.pcbex.com.  A little cheaper than
pcbfabexpress (which I've also used and recommend).  Batchpcb (which someone
else mentioned) has been good for 1-off boards if they aren't too big -- 
I've gotten boards which aren't sheared quite square, but that's 
basically a cosmetic


These are the ones we've used. I am sure there are many others.
Prototypes -- www.pcbfabexpress.com
Production -- www.pcbnet.com


For one-off PCBs, I've had good luck with www.batchpcb.com .  They work by
panelizing different orders together



David C. Partridge wrote:
> I'm looking to get a PCB made up for my frequency divider circuit.   I'm
> based in the UK.   So far the best price I've found is about 160 Euro plus
> tax and delivery for one 5" (127mm) by 3.5" (88.9mm) 4-layer board (from
> PCB-Pool).   As I've not had a PCB made up in the last twenty odd years, I
> don't know if this is typical, or whether I should be able to get a better
> price.
> I tried setting it up as a two layer board, but it was far too much pain - I
> wanted an unbroken ground plane, and couldn't come up with a workable
> routing.
> If I get it made in the USA, the saving will need to be significant to cover
> the additional shipping costs and UK import duty, tax and handling charges.
> Any guidance on where to go, and what level of pricing I should expect is
> greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> David Partridge
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