[time-nuts] PCB costs and suggestions for suppliers

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Tue Jul 8 18:03:15 EDT 2008

I have used Olimex also, from the US. Good quality, reasonable price and
delivery, painless transaction overall.

Only problem the last time I wanted to buy from them: they were on vacation
and they simply did not reply or acknowledge my email until 2 weeks later
when they came back... In the mean time, I had bought my PWBs from somewhere
else, and I am sorry that I did because it ended up costing more and taking
longer, because the other guys (US based, who shall remain nameless) blew
their projected delivery by a bunch.

Olimex will get my business again next time.

Didier KO4BB

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> >I'm looking to get a PCB made up for my frequency divider 
> circuit.   I'm
> >based in the UK.
> I've used olimex.com for a couple of two-layer boards and I'm 
> happy with the results.
> One advantage for me was that they took EagleCad files 
> directly, so that I did't have to worry about inverted 
> gerbers and all that.
> Poul-Henning

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