[time-nuts] Thunderbolt - temperature

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 12 07:06:33 EDT 2008

I suspect that the fluctuation is some sort of noise or software glitch (but one of my systems is powered by a very nice linear supply so probably not power related).

What is strange is the decay.  If it was a noise glitch,  one would expect it to last one sample.  But, it decays back to the original curve over 30 seconds or so.  I suspect that there is some kind of filtering of the A/D going on,  but  one would expect a filter with a 30 second time constant to smooth out the rising edge also.  

Perhaps it is seeing a very large glitch,  which gets filtered down to a smaller instantaneous transient response.  That then gets filtered out over the next 30 seconds.

I saw a couple more of the spikes last night...  no apparent correlation with any of the other parameters.  Also no disturbances in any of the other values.
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Are the apparent rapid temperature fluctuations observed by some real or 
are they the result of inadvertent detection of an intermittent burst of 
EMI from a switching supply?
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