[time-nuts] Favorite DC power Supply?

Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Sun May 4 20:17:35 EDT 2008

Quoth Neon John at 2008-05-03 14:03...

> Does your power system STILL use ground return?  Are you sure there isn't a
> neutral return on the primary feed?  If not then WOW.  I bet it's interesting
> walking around the earth ground in dry weather.  A shocking experience.
Yup.  Welcome to rural South Australia.  When we built this house, we 
were equidistant (about 1km) between an 11kV 3 phase system and the 19kV 
SWER line.  I didn't know that SWER existed at that point and hated the 
idea right from the start.  (I come from the UK originally and we didn't 
have anything like it back there.)  We asked if they could come over 
from the 3-phase supply (only 500m from the incoming substation), but 
had no say in the matter.  We ended up being hooked on the SWER system 
that comes off a feeder 5 MILES AWAY.  And they charged us $25k AUD for 
it.  Good, eh?

> Change that voltage to whatever float voltage your batteries want and it'll
> work peachy.  
Thanks - that's what I was hoping.



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