[time-nuts] Low profile coax connector?

d.seiter at comcast.net d.seiter at comcast.net
Wed May 7 02:31:16 EDT 2008

After digging through boxes tonight, I found a few leftover bits from when I did some work for Trimble, in particular a couple of antennas from their early handheld units that I'll like to try out with a Jupiter board.

I thought the connector was a Hirose H.FL (3mm tall) male, but I found some samples of those in the box and the grounding ring of the female is the same diameter as the H.FL male.  Close, but no cigar as they say.  

It's also close to the Tyco OSMT/SSMT series, but the body has a corner bevel instead of the Tyco side bevel.

Anyone know what the connector is?  If not, I may just replace it with the H.FL or something a little larger.



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