[time-nuts] Measuring 10 MHz accurately.

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed May 7 14:13:30 EDT 2008

Ed, k1ggi wrote:
> What is the difference between 1E-12, 10E-12, and 10^-12?

A little imprecision in the nomenclature, but it all should
mean the same thing.

1 part in 10E12 is the same as saying 1 part per 10E12.  It is
the fraction:

1/[10E12], or  1.0 x 10E-12

> <snip>
> 2 parts in 10E-12
> <snip>

That would be 2 parts per 10E-12, which would be 2/[10E-12], a
very big number!

I am sure that the author of that snippet actually meant
2 parts per 10E12, or 2 x 10E-12.

Sort of mixing your metaphors

-Chuck Harris

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