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Hi Martyn, Ulrich,
the Plotter utility works really nicely for CSV data.
Ulrich, one question: how can I get plotter to interpret scientific  notation 
such as 100E-06 etc correctly?
I get data from my 53132A's serial port that looks like this:
5* u
10* u
"10* u" means 100E-06 (the star means not a significant digit, the u means  
I format this with Wordpad (auto-replace "* u" with 0E-06) and the data can  
be used by Excel that way.
But plotter does not seem to recognize "-100E-06" correctly.
How can I make this work?
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you may consider  this:


Best  regards
Ulrich Bangert

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> Hi All,
> I have an ongoing problem and realized why  don't I ask the time nuts!!
> My frequency  and  temperature data is usually plotted in a 
> comma separator value (csv)  file.
> I use excel to import and plot the results.
> Excel only lets me plot 32000 points at a time.  I often have  
> over a million samples.
> Does anyone has some nice  software that will easily plot a 
> csv file.  I do need to be able  to change the vertical scale 
> rather than have it autorange.
> It doesn't have to be free, but it has to be easy to use.   
> I've never got 
> the time to "learn" how to use new  software.
> Said jackson kindly sent me some software, but I could never  
> get it going.
> Best Regards
>  Martyn
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