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Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Wed May 14 13:54:42 EDT 2008

---- John Ackermann N8UR <jra at febo.com> wrote: 
> Didier Juges wrote:
> > While I applaud John for going through this for his non-paying customers, I
> > could not blame him if he simply gave up on that... Easy for me to say since
> > I don't use AOL :-)
> The real problem is that the AOL block applies to *all* mail from 
> *.febo.com to any AOL subscriber, so it affects more than just this list.
> And by the way -- I don't have *any* paying customers.  febo.com is run 
> from an old coal cellar (the "bunker") in my basement, and it's never 
> collected a penny from anyone for anything.  Everything I do with 
> computers, radios, and T&F is strictly a hobby; my real career is much 
> less honorable. :-)
> John


I know you do this out of love, sorry if my tongue-in-cheek comment about non-paying customers was somehow understood to mean you HAD paying customers.

I also appreciate that you do not have ads on your site, even though I understand ads are what permit a number of otherwise free sites I use regularly to operate.

Same thing here with my manuals pages, free and ads free, even though I use a hosting service for convenience. I was self-hosted at the beginning, but it turns out that aside from the occasional hassle, it's generally much less work and worry for me to use an outside host, and when hosting large manuals, an ISP with big fat pipes is a lot better than a residential cable account, let alone DSL.

Didier KO4BB

by the way, check my manuals at: http://www.ko4bb.com/cgi-bin/manuals.pl
(here comes the plug :-)

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