[time-nuts] Another query on the 5065A

Palfreyman, Jim L Jim.Palfreyman at team.telstra.com
Wed May 14 22:03:49 EDT 2008

Having got the previous issues ironed out I set about calibrating the 5065A. This all went well and I got the drift down so I couldn't see it move over a few hours.

The next step is to see how it performs over a longer time base.

So I come back a day or two later and find it is 50ns out. So I plugged the 1PPS from my reference into the back and pressed the "synchronise" button and it is still 50ns out.

So I adjusted the sub-microsecond trimmer to bring it back in line. Next day it is out again. Re-synchronising made no difference.

Am I right to assume there might be a problem in the delay circuit? Anyone seen this before?

(I haven't looked at the book yet - am just about to...)


Jim Palfreyman

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