[time-nuts] The HP 10811-60111

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Wed May 28 06:13:23 EDT 2008

may I help with the copy I have? 
Unfortunately I do not remember the friendly person who 
published it in the net.
The board seem to be designed to run the 10544A 
but may serve as well for the 10811A.

Arnold Tibus

On Wed, 28 May 2008 10:34:42 +0100, Roy Phillips wrote:

>Good members

>I have a 10811-60111 Crystal Osc. which is attached (15 way edge connector), to a PCB of Hewlett Packard manufacture. This later item has a type number 05328-20027 which suggests that it was part of the HP 
5328 Counter. The PCB is about half as big again as the XTAL Osc., and has 4 IC's, 3 transistors, a "fine adjust" pot, and 2 adjustable C's (C12 & C15), and finally a 15 way identical edge connector. Rick pointed me to 
the Agilent "old equipment" site to download the 5328 Manual. This unfortunately does not have this unit within, but shows a simple smaller interface. It is obviously a complete control interface - ?oscillator and oven? . If 
anyone has the data on this unit I would be most grateful for a copy, in particular the edge connector, interconnections and set-up data.

>Roy Phillips

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