[time-nuts] 468-DC NBS Time receiver

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I found one of these in my stuff. Is it good for anything but parts? 
As I understand it, the service that this received has been shut down.

Correct no time service, the only other propose I can think of is maybe a mod to look at the other data on this channel, "Data Collection Platform interrogation" aka DCPI. Don't know if this channel is used all the time as it is reported to interfere with another sensor on the sats. And if you are setting up a time musumn...

Link for info: http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goes/text/databook/section08.pdf
Disconnect notice: http://noaasis.noaa.gov/NOAASIS/ml/nisttime.html
Operating and service manual 468-DC : http://www.to-way.com/468dc.pdf
Info on the Goes Sat : http://directory.eoportal.org/presentations/224/7385.html


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