[time-nuts] Progin GPS Antenna

Christian Vogel vogelchr at vogel.cx
Wed May 28 16:24:39 EDT 2008


I acquired a GPS antenna for use with a Trimble Thunderbolt (which 
provides +5V antenna supply voltage) on ebay.de this week (seller 
"gps-laden"). While initially the seller cited compatibility with 3.3-5V 
GPS receivers, the actual unit shipped has a label reading "2.7-4.0V", 
which matches what the manufacturer 
(http://www.progin.com.tw/Active_Antenna_en.htm : 3.3V +/- 0.6V) puts on 
his webpage. After further inquiry, "gps-laden" now claims Progin had 
assured that the antennae would work also with the higher supply 
voltage, but he will not guarantee it, he had offered to take back the 
antenna, though.

So the purpose of this email to time-nuts is twofold :-)...

(1) if you live in germany and are looking for a little GPS antenna for 
your disciplined clock, the prominent search result on ebay might not be 
what you want, even if you ask specifically


(2) my question to the group: Does anyone use a Progin antenna 
sucesesully 20% outside of the specified voltage range? (I would hate to 
wait another week for my antenna...)

Greetings from Germany,

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