[time-nuts] Progin GPS Antenna

Artur sp5qan at gmail.com
Thu May 29 08:00:29 EDT 2008


I don't have this product, but from my experimets:

1. Take in account losses from cable - more cable less pwr voltage
2. I repair one of my gps antenas. Inside is 2 stage mmic preamp with
low-drop regulator with coil.
3. My friend in his antena ( the same model ) don't have any low-drop pwr,
but simple diode with resistor and coil.

We cooced our anetnas by sily mistake - no more unlabeled BNC connectors in
shack :)
( mistake - trasmit 20 W RF @ 70 cm band  into GPS antena )

Vy! 73 de Artur SP5QA

2008/5/28 Christian Vogel <vogelchr at vogel.cx>:

> Hi,
> I acquired a GPS antenna for use with a Trimble Thunderbolt (which
> provides +5V antenna supply voltage) on ebay.de this week (seller
> "gps-laden"). While initially the seller cited compatibility with 3.3-5V
> GPS receivers, the actual unit shipped has a label reading "2.7-4.0V",
> which matches what the manufacturer
> (http://www.progin.com.tw/Active_Antenna_en.htm : 3.3V +/- 0.6V) puts on
> his webpage. After further inquiry, "gps-laden" now claims Progin had
> assured that the antennae would work also with the higher supply
> voltage, but he will not guarantee it, he had offered to take back the
> antenna, though.
> So the purpose of this email to time-nuts is twofold :-)...
> (1) if you live in germany and are looking for a little GPS antenna for
> your disciplined clock, the prominent search result on ebay might not be
> what you want, even if you ask specifically
> and...
> (2) my question to the group: Does anyone use a Progin antenna
> sucesesully 20% outside of the specified voltage range? (I would hate to
> wait another week for my antenna...)
> Greetings from Germany,
>    Chris
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