[time-nuts] GPS, NTP, and Cisco routers...

Robert Vassar rvassar at rob-vassar.com
Fri Oct 3 21:39:31 UTC 2008

I've been fiddling around with an old Cisco router here at the house  
to brush up.  We have an IPv6 project going at work, and our WAN  
provider provides no native transit, so I'm looking at doing some  
tunneling.  Anyhow... I discovered IOS 12.1 and above have native NTP  
capability.  I don't have the exhaustive IOS command reference, and I  
suspect it's a limited NTP implementation. I'm wondering if it's  
possible to tie a GPS unit to a router serial port and gain a stratum  
0 refclock.

Any Cisco guru's on the list?  :-)



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