[time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
Sat Oct 11 07:06:09 UTC 2008

The smiley (humour) was implied..

I didn't mean any offence, but have been used to top posting, as business
email (that's what I originally got my email for originally back in the mid
90's) was all (and still is) top posted.

It was only when I ventured into newsgroups that I came across bottom
posting, which to me seemed totally illogical. I've read the pros of bottom
posting (and the cons of top posting), but still can't get my head or my
email prog (Outlook), around it.


Rob Kimberley


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> One of the advantages of top posting - you can reply to the message 
> and ignore the rubbish at the bottom....

Did you forget the smiley?  :)

If the bottom is rubbish, why send it?

Ignoring it only works if everybody knows that the convention is to only
top-post and not insert anything in the middle.  Otherwise you have to scan
to make sure there aren't any gems buried in there.

Trimming everything that's not needed for context and inserting your
comments at the right place makes much more sense to me.

Also, blindly top posting sure doesn't help the signal/noise ratio.  I'm on 
one list full of quote-everything top posers.  It often has long threads.  
Each layer picks up another signature, sometimes a corporate disclaimer, and

the list's unsubscribe/info block.  I get it in digest mode.  Sometimes it's

a challenge to find the signal.

These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's.  I hate spam.

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