[time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

Mike Monett XDE-L2G3 at myamail.com
Sat Oct 11 08:43:17 UTC 2008

  "Rob Kimberley" <rk at timing-consultants.com> wrote:

  > The smiley (humour) was implied.

  > I didn't  mean any offence, but have been used to top  posting, as
  > business email  (that's  what   I   originally  got  my  email for
  > originally back  in  the  mid 90's) was  all  (and  still  is) top
  > posted.

  > It was  only  when I ventured into newsgroups that  I  came across
  > bottom posting,  which to me seemed totally  illogical.  I've read
  > the pros  of  bottom posting (and the cons  of  top  posting), but
  > still can't get my head or my email prog (Outlook), around it.

  >  Cheers

  >  Rob Kimberley

  There is a very big difference between a business email and a forum.

  A business email is usually between two people and concerns only one
  subject. The  exchange  is  usually  very  short,  perhaps  a single
  question and  a  single reply. In these situations,  top  posting is
  probably the easiest method.

  A forum is completely different. There may be many  people involved,
  but unless  they  respond  to a post, you  never  know  if  they are
  present. The  discussion can involve several different  issues, each
  with their  own  thread. New threads can appear  and  take  over the
  entire conversation, or quickly disappear. A discussion can continue
  for a very long time and involve many people.

  In this  situation,  top  posting is  very  inconsiderate.  You have
  already heard all the reasons.

  If your email client is to blame, perhaps it should be replaced with
  one more  suitable. Pimmy is an excellent client, and you  can still
  get version 3.5, the last free one here:


  Pimmy is  designed  to handle an unlimited number  of  mailboxes and
  accounts. You  can get disposable email addresses from  a  number of
  sites. I have found KasMail is the best:


  KasMail is  free  and allows you to have up  to  25  different email
  addresses. You can use different ones for eBay, PayPal, and  each of
  your bank  accounts. This helps increase security,  since  you never
  use these  for  anything else. This reduces the  opportunity  for ID

  You can  use  some  for typical web sites that  won't  allow  you to
  proceed without an email address. However, these can often be stolen
  and end  up  on a spammer's list. Once there,  it  is  impossible to
  remove them.

  You are  now  vulnerable  to all kinds  of  malware  hidden  in html
  messages. These  use  GIF's, JPEG's, PDf,  IFRAMES,  scripts, Visual
  Basic, and  other  methods  to  hijack  your  system.  Once  in, the
  criminals can  do  anything  they want.  They  can  steal  your bank
  account and  credit  card usernames and  passwords,  and  drain your
  accounts. They can turn your computer into a zombie, sending spam to
  other victims.  You  can end up with numerous  malware  programs all
  fighting for  control.  This can slow down your  computer  and cause
  serious crashes.

  The answer  is to simply dispose of the bad email address and  get a
  new one.

  Following this simple rule, I have virtually eliminated all  spam. I
  now may get one spam every month or two. This is a  huge improvement
  from the hundreds or thousands I used to get.

  One more  thing. Most email clients will execute programs  hidden in
  email, or downloaded from a web site.

  Pimmy will not execute programs. It won't even render html. It won't
  download anything from external sites. So there is no way you can be
  infected by incoming malware hidden in an email message.

  And, of course, Pimmy will let you bottom post:)

  Best Regards,

  Mike Monett

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