[time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

WB6BNQ wb6bnq at cox.net
Sat Oct 11 10:09:35 UTC 2008

   Mike Monett wrote:

       There is a very big difference between a business email and a

       A business email is usually between two people and concerns only
       subject. The  exchange  is  usually  very  short,  perhaps  a
       question and  a  single reply. In these situations,  top  posting
       probably the easiest method.

       A forum is completely different. <snip>

       In this  situation,  top  posting is  very  inconsiderate.  You
       already heard all the reasons.

       Best Regards,

       Mike Monett


   Just for your pleasure I am posting at the bottom.  Hmmmm did I get
   that right ?

   While there is an issue with TOP/BOTTOM posting styles, I think the
   original comment was referring to all the CRAP people include after
   they "sign" at the bottom of their post.  Some have [presumably] a cute
   little saying, others are totally paranoid, and the original post had
   so much crap that, besides wasting space, I did not bother to read it.

   People or companies' use that space to post a form of denial or an
   apology.  Today, with such a litigious world, maybe it has some value.
   Just think, you do not see the U.S. Post Office putting such verbiage
   on the mail we give them to carry around.

   The only stuff that makes sense after you "sign off" would be a phone
   number or snail mail address, or perhaps a web site URL.  One or two
   short lines, after that it is going to far.  That my view and I am
   sticking to it !

   As for the TOP/BOTTOM thing, I find it hard to read an email from the
   bottom up to properly follow the action, especially with the extraneous
   stuff.  However, it is a pain, at times, to go the other way too.  I
   really hate it when people make a reply with no reference to what they
   were referring to.  You know, a blank email with just a comment like
   "Yes I agree."  I get those and the subject line gives no clue either.

   The real answer is people are getting sloppy and forgetting how to
   properly write, whether it is a formal letter or an informal note.  An
   Email is a letter !  All the "do - dad" shorts for smiling and such
   (none of which I have learned) allow people to forget how to describe,
   more accurately with words, their ideas and feelings.


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