[time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat Oct 11 10:26:01 UTC 2008

This group seems pretty flexible about -- top -- mid -- or bottom -- 

Don't see any reason to lecture this group about how they might want to 
I never paid attention about how it was being done, but it all seems to 
work here. I never can remember having any thought about bad form.

Mike Monett wrote:
>   There is a very big difference between a business email and a forum.
Wow, that was a long message. Imagine how far we would have to scroll if 
I hadn't deleted it. -- And if I felt obligated to take the effort to 
bottom post my reply.
>   Best Regards,
>   Mike Monett
So there are points of view about posting. Feel free to continue to 
contribute, but I never saw a lecture about netiquette here before, and 
don't see the need.

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