[time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sat Oct 11 12:30:00 UTC 2008

It never ceases to amaze me that this group is by far the highest S/N ratio
group that I belong to, populated by a vast majority of people who are
widely smarter than I am, and yet it seems many of these people can't figure
a thread because it may have mixed top-post and bottom-post and whatnot. 

Get over it, you won't fix it. 

Personally, I respect everyone's opinion, but I have given up in trying to
have the world see things my way, so I try to remain flexible. It's good for
the brain anyhow.

When I read mail on my Blackberry, it is EXTREMELY aggravating to have to
scroll to the bottom of even a short thread to see the response, so that's
one case where top posting is WIDELY preferred, and when I read mail on my
Blackberry, I think bottom posters are VERY inconsiderate to me. And no,
your favorite email client/operating system probably won't run on the
Blackberry. And no, I won't switch to a PDA that runs Linux so you can
bottom post without aggravating me, and no, don't lecture me about the
virtues of Linux, I run 6 Linux machines at the moment (those that actually
have work to do), even though my desktop runs XP Pro.

On the other hand, my friend Bruce always bottom posts, and since his
contributions are so valuable, I try to keep his threads in order and I make
an effort to bottom post on his messages.

Other than that, I do what I feel like is most appropriate. On messages that
are unlikely to add long term value to the archive, like this one, I usually
top post. Then you don't have to scroll all the way down before hitting


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> This group seems pretty flexible about -- top -- mid -- or 
> bottom -- posting.
> Don't see any reason to lecture this group about how they 
> might want to communicate.
> I never paid attention about how it was being done, but it 
> all seems to work here. I never can remember having any 
> thought about bad form.

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