[time-nuts] Sound and time

Mike Naruta AA8K aa8k at comcast.net
Sat Oct 11 23:08:44 UTC 2008

I used to be the roadie for The Fourth Dynasty,
a hard rock band back in the 1960's.  Built a
neat box that the drummer could use to flash
various colored floods with his foot.  Built an
ultraviolet strobe light (this is in the 60's).
I even played an audio oscillator on certain
tunes.  We had so many high-powered amps that
it's a miracle that I can still hear.  At the
Music Dome (an old geodesic) we shook the dust
out of the building.  The bass player and I
used to grab a Hammond B3 organ and put it up
on the stage.  The B3 wasn't a home organ,
but a truly huge, heavy beast.  Coupled with
the Leslie speaker, it was an awesome sound.
I wonder where our Fender Telecasters are today.
The bass player used to build custom 15 inch
speakers; he was super at leatherette.  It
was neat watching the blue glow on the 6L6s.

The only time we lost a "battle of the bands"
was at one school where they gave it to the
hometown band.  The crowd wasn't happy and
the contact guy was apologetic, but we wound
up playing for free that night.  There were
some nice places, and some real sleazy ones;
a couple that almost needed the chicken wire.
We made a couple of 45s, but never got famous.
It was interesting learning about human
personalities by observing the band members
and the crowd.

Mike - AA8K

David Forbes wrote:
> At 12:16 PM +0000 10/11/08, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> As former sound technician...
> I used to do that stuff too, being the bass player/sound guy in a 
> cheesy bar band. Loads of fun!
> Any more time nuts with sound reinforcement experience?

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