[time-nuts] Sound and time

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Oct 11 23:53:11 UTC 2008

David Forbes wrote:
> At 12:16 PM +0000 10/11/08, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> As former sound technician...
> I used to do that stuff too, being the bass player/sound guy in a 
> cheesy bar band. Loads of fun!
> Any more time nuts with sound reinforcement experience?

Sure thing. One of my first jobs was to work on PA systems. I did the 
home work by trimming up active cross overs and associated limiters, 
measuring them and also hunt down hum and noise to get the dynamics way 
up. Catastroph limiters ensured we didn't burn the speakers and we could 
do 139 db SPL at 1 m in the mid range and 136 dB SPL at the top. We 
never used less than 4 a side. The amps could burn the elements without 
clipping, and the catastroph limiters ensured we never did that. What 
really kills your ears is amps clipping. Lots of nice overtones crashing 
out of the speaker. As for dynamics, if you where in a silent room you 
had to crash your head to the speaker to hear a very very faint noise 
while the system was at full power capable of burning your ears out if 
there was a signal. I did pseudo-anecoic impulse responce measurements 
for the sum of speaker responses as a standard thing.

I was also involved in line speakers as they appeared on the market. 
This was very early out. They changed the PA market for the better.

I still have a complete hearing. I can't even recall having tinitus 
after a concert or work. Ever.


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