[time-nuts] beautiful jump

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> Hi Antonio,
> wow, that's amazing. Your prediction was pretty accurate!!
> So I wonder if we have one of the most sensitive gravitational sensors out
> there :)
> How did you correlate the jump to the new moon sequence? Did your units 
> jump
> accordingly?
>>University of Colima refused the new replacement unit you
>>offered them (I believe for free). I think that there is  some
> Well, they said it was extremely difficult to get packages in and out of
> Mexico due to the customs, so they rather keep that unit since the jumps 
> are
> generally less than 1ppb. We lost some packages that were sent to them. 
> But  yes,
> maybe they are aware of the potential sensitivity to stellar 
> constellations??
> bye,
> Said

If the oscillator was placed inside a separate, locally created magnetic 
field, would that stop or lessen that jump?


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