[time-nuts] Datum / Efratom LPRO 101 - ebay

Eamon Skelton nospam at oceanfree.net
Wed Apr 1 10:38:05 UTC 2009

> Now I was wondering what about these oscillators.
> Why are they offered so cheap and so many. What have
> they be used for ?

These are from used equipment so they can't be expected
to last as long as a new unit. They are probably from
surplus telecomms equipment.

> Also I cannot find any information about the manufacturer
> on the internet. Are they out of business ?

Datum were taken over by Symmetricom.

> Would such a oscillator be usefull for us, as we need
> a 10Mhz signal with about 1e-8 precision.
> Thanks a lot !
> nils

The LPRO-101 sounds like the ideal candidate for this
job. From memory, I think the long term stability spec
is 1e-9/10 years, 5e-11/month.

I have had very good service from this seller:
Friendly helpful and reliable. Very quick shipping from
China by EMS. I'm not connected to this seller in any
way, just another happy customer.

A GPSDO is another cost effective solution that
would easily meet your requirements. The Trimble
Thunderbolt is widely available on eBay. You
should also check out the CW12-TIM module from


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