[time-nuts] Tbolt temperature sensor

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Thu Feb 5 19:25:19 UTC 2009

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The  whole purpose of a GPSDO with an expensive double oven OCXO is to 
provide  extremely high quality holdover performance when GPS signals go away.  To  
achieve this level of performance one needs to compensate for the affects of  
temperature on the parts of the system outside the oven.  0.5C resolution  is 
not up to the task of maintaining parts per trillion accuracy.    There does 
not appear to be any other temperature sensor in the  Tbolt

I'm still not convinced.
There's going to be another very important temperature sensor inside the  
Thunderbolt and that's the one inside the ovens, perhaps even two in a double  
I understand where you're coming from but, given the apparent lack of  
evidence to support the sudden deterioration in performance your  findings would 
suggest, does it not seem more likely that in fact this  sensor is not involved 
in the conditioning process?

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