[time-nuts] Tbolt temperature sensor

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Thu Feb 5 19:56:11 UTC 2009

Here's even more fun. Do the OXCO ovens use a proportional servo or 
bang-bang? In the either case, the thermal time constant is very important, 
perhaps more so for the latter.

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> The  whole purpose of a GPSDO with an expensive double oven OCXO is to
> provide  extremely high quality holdover performance when GPS signals go 
> away.  To
> achieve this level of performance one needs to compensate for the affects 
> of
> temperature on the parts of the system outside the oven.  0.5C resolution 
> is
> not up to the task of maintaining parts per trillion accuracy.    There 
> does
> not appear to be any other temperature sensor in the  Tbolt
> ---------------
> I'm still not convinced.
> There's going to be another very important temperature sensor inside the
> Thunderbolt and that's the one inside the ovens, perhaps even two in a 
> double
> oven.
> I understand where you're coming from but, given the apparent lack of
> evidence to support the sudden deterioration in performance your  findings 
> would
> suggest, does it not seem more likely that in fact this  sensor is not 
> involved
> in the conditioning process?
> regards
> Nigel
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