[time-nuts] Lady Heather command line modification question...

Michael Baker mpb45 at clanbaker.org
Thu Feb 19 00:45:39 UTC 2009

Hello, John--

Every now and then, LH says my T-bolt PPS and DAC are experiencing
wide excursions.  The PPS OADEV and the OSC OADEV both stay down
around 6 X e-13 but PPS and DAC both get hinky for an hour or two
and then things settle back down for a few hours.  This process
seems to repeat itself 2X or 3X per day.  It may be due to all the
tall trees around my place and my less than ideal sky view.

In any event, every few hours the violet PPS line and the green
DAC line go off chart and it would be nice to be able to expand
the scale just a bit to better see what is happening.

I am trying to change the scale for the PPS graph from 2ns/div
to 5ns/div and the DAC from 50uv/div to 100uv/div

I have been unsuccessful at entering the appropriate command
line modifiers-- I right-click on the Lady Heather desktop icon
and select PROPERTIES.  In the PROPERTIES box I see the Target
address which is:

"C:\Program Files\Heather\heather.exe"

I put a space after the .exe and enter  /mp[=5]  and close the quote

I enter OK and then get an error message that says:

The name 'C:Program Files\Heather\heather.exe /mp[=5]' specified
in the Target box is not valid.  Make sure the path and
file name are correct.

What am I doing wrong?  Maybe I am not clear where to enter
spaces?  I have tried different combinations, but no joy...

Is this not the correct place to enter the /mp=5 suffix?


Mike Baker

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