[time-nuts] GPS from a window seat

bg at lysator.liu.se bg at lysator.liu.se
Fri Oct 2 12:00:57 UTC 2009

Hi Robert,

The limit is 515 m/s, 1000 knots or 1854 km/h. I presume your car did 1227
km/h, right?  This is within CoCom limits. Then both altitude AND speed
must be over the limit to break the rules. Where your car also driving
over 18000m altitude?


As for 1Hz... 20Hz and for some years even 50Hz and 100Hz GPS measurements
has been available. Look at L1 OEM-boards from Novatel, Ashtech, Topcon,
Javad etc.

uBlox-5 receivers are often specified at 4Hz, <50km alt, <500m/s, <4g.



> Well Jim brought up cars, 
> I did look at using a GPS as a speed sensor for a car some time ago. The
> 1000kPH limit (and 1s update rate) stopped that idea. The car
> finally hit over 1227kph average. We used wheel speed and pitot pressure
> in the end (plus external time & distance).
> Robert G8RPI

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