[time-nuts] Newbie question - what use is a Ruby?

Scott Burris slburris at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 18:48:06 UTC 2009

Murray Greenman wrote:
> 4. They are a handy adjunct to the GPSDO. Use the latter to calibrate
> the former, and then you've a reference even if GPS is unavailable. The
> Rb units also have very good short-term stability.
So, how would you go about calibrating your Rubidium against your GPSDO?

Presumably you would wait until your GPSDO has not gone into holdover 
for some
"good" amount of time, whatever that would be.

Then my way would be to use the GPSDO as the external frequency reference to
either my Racal-Dana 1998 or HP5328A, apply the rubidium as input, and 
the C field for 10.00000* Mhz. 

But I'm sure that's not the time-nuts way of doing this. :-)  So what's 
the right way?


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