[time-nuts] Basic TIC measurement

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Oops. It  has been a long time since I read the manual for the
Spectracom 8140, or  used it. I forgot that the rear outputs are fixed
at 10MHz and only the  single front output changes with the push
buttons. You re-learn something  every day :-)

Morning Joe
Don't forget either that the 8140 as supplied has a DC supply for the  line 
taps superimposed on the rear panel sinusoidal outputs.
However, the A4 distribution amp/output PCB was also used in  several other 
Spectracom products, including the 8130 and 8164, with  component 
identification always remaining the same, as far as I can tell anyway,  but with link 
placement and filter values changing to suit  the application.
If you compare, for example, the A4 schematics from the 8140 and 8164  
manuals you will see that removing the DC bias is quite straightfoward.
It would also be straightforward to set the divider output links on  the 
8140 A4 as per the 8164 A4 to provide the four  different sinusoidal output 
frequencies to the rear  panel although three of the four output filters would 
also  need to be modified to suit the changed frequencies.
The good news is that all the required component values are also in the  
8164 manual:-)
I assume you have the 8140 manual but if not it's available for download  
from the Spectracom site, a simple registration is required, or I've uploaded 
 both for anyone that might be interested.....

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