[time-nuts] Any Time nuts in AU?

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Wed Oct 7 19:58:49 UTC 2009

> On a side note, I have finally acquired a 5370 - albeit on the operating
> table at the moment.  It suffered a heavy drop on its long arduous
> journey from USA and has one display not working and I hope that's all.
> While I'm waiting for a manual to arrive, can anyone tell me what would
> cause the +T.I. to be around 101ns ( test step 13) and the +-T.I. to be
> greater than 1ns (test step 17)?
> See you later
> Tim

The trigger levels have to be set properly before anything else can be
diagnosed.  Make sure both TRIG LVL displays are at 0.0V, or you'll be
measuring the time between one part of the 10 MHz waveform and another.

The instructions in the 5370 manual for aligning the trigger-level DACs are
somewhat screwy.  The limits are usually around +/- 1.9 volts, not 2.048 or
2.560V (depending on the manual revision), and the older manuals have a bug
or two in the DIP-switch setting steps.  Make sure you use the latest
available manual, which I believe is David Kirkby's scan on agilent.com.

-- john, KE5FX

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