[time-nuts] Finding out who bidders are

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Wed Sep 2 03:40:56 UTC 2009

Interesting ideas. If only I had the time and patience to work out the 
list, like some of you have already done.

How about somebody stepping up and starting a webpage database of
"Who's who" in Business & Industrial / Electrical & Test Equipment
with listings like:
Bidder Code      Score    Rating         on Date          may be eBay member
     a***e             345       99%      Sep 01 2009        "someguy99"

Perhaps some of it could be automated, altough the current eBay  seems 
to be so loaded with Java or other scripts running in my browser that 
even just scanning the current listings myself is getting painfully slow.

A Firefox extension that implemented this would be very sweet.


Ed Palmer wrote:

> When you combine the alias with the rating - e.g. k***u ( 862 ) - the 
> accuracy starts to resemble crosshairs in a sniper scope.
> Ed
> J. Forster wrote:
>> Yup. It helps to know that the masked bidder ID, liks  a***f, stays
>> constant sale to sale. While there are only a few over 650 such
>> combinations, it's still pretty accurate on items with limited appeal.
>> -John
>> ==================
>>> Hi all;
>>> It was nice back when ebay let us know who we were bidding against, 
>>> if you
>>> were up a against some heavy hitter then why waste your time, etc. 
>>> Now it
>>> takes a little more work to ferret out who you're up against. What I 
>>> have
>>> done is to save the feedback page for a seller of an item I may have 
>>> been
>>> out bid on. Usually within a short time the bidders feedback response
>>> shows up on the sellers feedback page, compare the feedback score back
>>> against the item page to check if you have the right person. Then from
>>> that you can do a bidder search in "advanced search" and look at 
>>> items bid
>>> on in the last 30 days to cross check. I then save the bidder's bid 
>>> page
>>> in a folder,  I have done that to most of us bidding time-nuts. Creepy
>>> huh!?!
>>> Rich 1PPS

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