[time-nuts] Finding out who bidders are

phil fortime at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 2 11:07:22 UTC 2009

The "Bidder Code" letters also changes, it is not fixed on a given users id.

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> Interesting ideas. If only I had the time and patience to work out the 
> list, like some of you have already done.
> How about somebody stepping up and starting a webpage database of
> "Who's who" in Business & Industrial / Electrical & Test Equipment
> with listings like:
> Bidder Code      Score    Rating         on Date          may be eBay 
> member
>     a***e             345       99%      Sep 01 2009        "someguy99"
> Perhaps some of it could be automated, altough the current eBay  seems to 
> be so loaded with Java or other scripts running in my browser that even 
> just scanning the current listings myself is getting painfully slow.
> A Firefox extension that implemented this would be very sweet.
> -Rex
> Ed Palmer wrote:
>> When you combine the alias with the rating - e.g. k***u ( 862 ) - the 
>> accuracy starts to resemble crosshairs in a sniper scope.
>> Ed
>> J. Forster wrote:
>>> Yup. It helps to know that the masked bidder ID, liks  a***f, stays
>>> constant sale to sale. While there are only a few over 650 such
>>> combinations, it's still pretty accurate on items with limited appeal.
>>> -John
>>> ==================
>>>> Hi all;
>>>> It was nice back when ebay let us know who we were bidding against, if 
>>>> you
>>>> were up a against some heavy hitter then why waste your time, etc. Now 
>>>> it
>>>> takes a little more work to ferret out who you're up against. What I 
>>>> have
>>>> done is to save the feedback page for a seller of an item I may have 
>>>> been
>>>> out bid on. Usually within a short time the bidders feedback response
>>>> shows up on the sellers feedback page, compare the feedback score back
>>>> against the item page to check if you have the right person. Then from
>>>> that you can do a bidder search in "advanced search" and look at items 
>>>> bid
>>>> on in the last 30 days to cross check. I then save the bidder's bid 
>>>> page
>>>> in a folder,  I have done that to most of us bidding time-nuts. Creepy
>>>> huh!?!
>>>> Rich 1PPS
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