[time-nuts] LPRO Heat Sink?

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Wed Sep 23 16:23:34 UTC 2009

The Rb physics package and associated ovens in the LPRO are thermally 
isolated from the baseplate.  The only heat sources attached to the 
baseplate are a couple of  TO-220 devices.  So the baseplate is acting 
as an ordinary heatsink for them.

The 70C maximum rating for the baseplate is likely based on typical heat 
losses from the other parts of the device.  If the baseplate (which is 
easy to measure) is kept below 70C, the rest of the device (which is 
inaccessible) should be okay.


steve gunsel wrote:
> I'm new to this, but it sounded more like this is to be a thermal mass 
> to minimize temperature swings.
> Why would you want to efficiently cool something that you are trying 
> to heat and maintain at a constant temperature?
> just curious in Medina, OH
> At 11:12 AM 9/23/2009, you wrote:
>> At 10:51 AM 9/23/2009, J. Forster wrote...
>>> Monsterously thick will NOT do it. All that does is increase the heat
>>> capacity of the HS, not it's ultimate thermal resistance (W/deg).
>>> You need surface area...
>> You need both. A 10 m x 10 m piece of aluminum foil won't do much, 
>> either, despite having a very large surface area.

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