[time-nuts] RoHS Solder

d.seiter at comcast.net d.seiter at comcast.net
Fri Sep 25 07:16:41 UTC 2009

It's not the silver I'm worried about. I saw a report on a website about 8 months ago regarding the scarcity of many of the rare earths that drive solar, etc (yes, I've tried to find the report again, but can't). This was prior to the whole China export thing. It predicted that many "vital" elements would be mined out by the 2015-2020 time frame. 

I wonder how long it will be until we start mining old garbage dumps for metals. 


.. ........... 

Another part of the scam is that only two companies (one a University if I 
remember correctly, one a Japanese company) hold the patents to the Silver 
based solder that everyone now needs to use... And according to the USGS 
we are quickly running out of mineable Silver.. 

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