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China have set up a pilot plant to extract Uraniun from coal fired power station ash. The concentration is the same as medium grade ore, but they don't have to mine it. If a US nuclear power station relased as much radiocative material as the average coal fired one it would be shut down!


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> It's not the silver I'm worried
> about. I saw a report on a website about 8 months ago
> regarding the scarcity of many of the rare earths that drive
> solar, etc (yes, I've tried to find the report again, but
> can't). This was prior to the whole China export thing. It
> predicted that many "vital" elements would be mined out by
> the 2015-2020 time frame. 
> I wonder how long it will be until we start mining old
> garbage dumps for metals. 
> -Dave 
> .. ........... 
> Another part of the scam is that only two companies (one a
> University if I 
> remember correctly, one a Japanese company) hold the
> patents to the Silver 
> based solder that everyone now needs to use... And
> according to the USGS 
> we are quickly running out of mineable Silver.. 
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