[time-nuts] Synergy systems evaluation board power requirements.

Douglas Wire - PUPCo Studios contact at pupcostudios.com
Tue Sep 29 23:56:52 UTC 2009

Ahh, I kind of hate to show my ignorance to the list here, but I am so used
to it by now. I have an old evaluation board from Synergy Systems for what
would appear to be even the old Motorola built (not iLotus) M12M style GPS
timing board. The problem I am encountering is that while the guys at
Synergy have been wonderful, no one mentioned what their old Caltronics
prototype board required as far as a DC input. While I know all about the
M12M and know it likes to see around 3volts DC, but. the evaluation board
either requires a higher supply, or I got a bad one. Since I have none and
can find no data anywhere on this particular evaluation board and I didn't
want to pester Art or the other guys back at Synergy, does anyone know what
sort of supply voltage these older evaluation boards require? I certainly
hope it is above the 3 volt range of the M12M, for if it isn't, I have a bad
board. Any help and/or data would be greatly appreciated. I tried to figure
this out myself, but many of the surface mount items' identifying marks have
been rubbed away, so I was not able to intelligently de-engineer the unit. I
thank you all in advance.


Warm regards,

Douglas M. Wire, GED, FNA,

PUPCo Research Group

contact at pupcostudios.com


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