[time-nuts] GPS with PPS

Roy Phillips phill.r1 at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 30 10:46:18 UTC 2009

I would suggest that you could consider one of the Garmin GPS 16/17 models, 
that have been offered by Fluke1(China) at a sensible price. I have a GPS 
16HVS which is performing very well just sitting on a window-sill (facing 
North), this offers a 1pps timing signal. It requires between 8.0 to 40 
volts D.C (nominally 12.00 volts @ 40 mA. The alternative model, 16LVS, 
requires 3.3  to 8.0 volts.D.C @ 65 mA. All the data on these devices is 
available on the Garmin website
Good luck

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> Does anyone know if any of those all-in-one hockey puck GPS receivers
> put out PPS on the serial cable? The type that has the antenna and GPS
> together, with a serial cable hanging off of it. I'm thinking about
> using one for a timing project. The more sensitive, the better, as it
> will be used indoors.
> While I'm on the subject of GPS units, a question comes to mind. I
> know that WAAS enhances position accuracy. Does it do anything for
> time? My first thought would be no, as that comes directly from the
> standard GPS satellites.
> Thanks,
> Joe Gray
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