[time-nuts] one-off PC board

Dick Moore richiem at hughes.net
Thu Aug 12 06:11:48 UTC 2010

I have a board layout that I need made, simple single-side, 2.3 x 6.5 inches. Any suggestions on where I can get this made at a reasonable price? The mask layout I have is a printout from a pdf document that has black where the traces are and is full-size.

Others may be interested -- this is for Bob Cordell's state-variable low-distortion oscillator (similar to a Tek SG505), which delivers THD around 3ppm in the audio mid-band, works from 10 or 20Hz up to 100 to 200kHz, with generally very low distortion overall. A very nice inexpensive way to get great amplitude stability and ultra low THD, with output up to 10VRMS...  I built this unit years ago, and now, after selling mine, I've discovered I'd like to have one again.


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