[time-nuts] Simulation

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sat Aug 14 21:49:29 UTC 2010

On Apollo they had file cabinets full of drawers for IBM punch cards,
except each had a microfilm insert.

They could trace a single #6-32 screw back to the mine the iron ore came



> Hal Murray wrote:
>>> Line got moved to other side of big ocean. Process got " tweaked" beta
>>> is
>>> now 4x what it was.
>> I'm pretty sure that military grade parts have paperwork and processes
>> to
>> cover that case.  I expect it costs a lot.
>> I think the same sort of service is available to high volume customers
>> at a
>> less than military price.
> just so..
> In the space business, we call it "traceability to sand"... you haven't
> lived til someone has a failed 2n2222, somwhere on some piece of
> critical hardware, and they issue a GIDEP alert, and then the mission
> assurance folks call you up and ask, "you don't by any chance have
> 2N2222's in your flight hardware do you?".. then there's the whole
> manufacturer and date code hunt.. Looking through the build
> documentation to find out. (or worse yet, if you had decided for some
> reason to use the prototype, which you didn't keep such good records on,
> but which you have photos of, and trying to read the date codes off the
> assembled item with a magnifying glass)
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