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Didier Juges didier at cox.net
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Once I had a batch of JANTX 2N2222A (with all the paperwork) that were PNPs. They actually were marked JANTX 2N2222A. This was for a mil job in the 80's. We did not fool around with the mil specs back then.

I was a young engineer then and not all that involved in the process, so I was kept somewhat out of the process that followed. I wish I has seen QA and purchasing explain that one :)


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Hal Murray wrote:
>> Line got moved to other side of big ocean. Process got " tweaked" beta is
>> now 4x what it was.
> I'm pretty sure that military grade parts have paperwork and processes to 
> cover that case.  I expect it costs a lot.
> I think the same sort of service is available to high volume customers at a 
> less than military price.

just so..

In the space business, we call it "traceability to sand"... you haven't 
lived til someone has a failed 2n2222, somwhere on some piece of 
critical hardware, and they issue a GIDEP alert, and then the mission 
assurance folks call you up and ask, "you don't by any chance have 
2N2222's in your flight hardware do you?".. then there's the whole 
manufacturer and date code hunt.. Looking through the build 
documentation to find out. (or worse yet, if you had decided for some 
reason to use the prototype, which you didn't keep such good records on, 
but which you have photos of, and trying to read the date codes off the 
assembled item with a magnifying glass)

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