[time-nuts] Low jitter oscillators

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You also have a lot of devices being characterized in terms of "added 
jitter" doing exactly the same sort of stuff.


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> Hi Bob,
> Agreed that at a minimum the instrument will restrict the  bandwidth due 
> to
> it's own bandwidth limitations, and some (like the  Wavecrest units) go up
> to 1GHz or more.
> But many vendors claim sub 1ps jitter on low cost oscillators, and don't
> specify what bandwidth was used to measure this jitter. That would be like
> giving phase noise in dBc without also specifying the /Hz, and then every
> vendor  using their own internal bandwidth definitions to make their phase
> noise  claims..
> Sometimes I think vendors assume that E5052A units are being used
> everywhere to measure jitter.
> bye,
> Said
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> Hi
> The bandwidths chosen generally have roots in a telcom spec.  Infinite
> bandwidth generally equates to infinite jitter. You have to restrict  it 
> somehow.
> Bob
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