[time-nuts] GR 1115B update

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Mon Aug 16 16:00:11 UTC 2010



The 1115 seems to be settling in nicely. It's down to 5x10^-10 / day and the
rate is still decreasing. Smooth monotonic positive aging so far. It's been
on power for just over 2 weeks, so it's well within it's original "30 days
to 5x10^-10" spec. 


I also came across a highly important piece of information in the GR


A certain William J Riley Jr is listed as "Development Engineer" in the
Frequency Group at GR in 1965. That means I now have someone to blame if
anything goes wrong :)...


Of course since it's still running fine after 45 years, it probably means
that I owe Bill a beer.






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