[time-nuts] Coax inserts for d-sub connectors

EB4APL eb4apl at cembreros.jazztel.es
Sun Feb 7 21:31:07 UTC 2010

Sun old workstations and  monitors (and interconnecting cables) used the 
same type of connectors / inserts.  Other old workstations of the same 
pre-high-performance PC era such as Silicon Graphics, Digital and HP may 
had it.

Ignacio, EB4APL

Scott Newell wrote:
> Wasn't someone looking for some of these the other day?
> I've found an old Intergraph monitor d-sub connector (24W7, I think) 
> that has five of the high dollar male coax inserts, if anyone wants 
> it.  Each connector has about 12" of what feels like RG-174 attached.  
> I'm not sure how you'd release the coax inserts, but there must be a way.

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