[time-nuts] Jupiter GPSDO

ashley40 at aol.com ashley40 at aol.com
Fri Feb 12 02:43:01 UTC 2010

Hello..... We built the " 10mhz simple GPSDO from boards supplied by G3RUH. (Using the Jupiter GPS receiver)
Has anyone built one, 
How well does it work 
How exactly is the RS232 output connected to a XP computer ?
Is the RS323 /software protocol the only way to tell if this thing is actually working ?
We are using a trimble ( new) active antenna, mounted with a clear view of the sky. 
Does this Jpiter receiver need to be reset before use ? 
How do we tell if we are in a location that is in view of satellites ? 

Reply off list is just fine...  The truth is, we are a bit frustrated with all of this gps business, and wonder if its worth any more time . Sorry for the long list of grumblings. 

Thank You
Ms Ashley Hall
183 N 5th Avenue
Cornelius, Oregon

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