[time-nuts] DMTD to MMTD

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Thanks for the quick response. 

The impression I've always had of that system is that it is comparing the
sources two at a time. They can select between a number of sources, but only
one pair is looked at.

I'm after stuff on a system that simultaneously looks at several sources. My
assumption is that you could simply use a bunch of DMTD's and then do the
math. You might also be able to simplify things a bit....


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Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> DMTD looks at a pair of sources (crystal, rubidium, maser .) and tells you
> the difference between them. If you looked at more than two, you can
> characterize the individual sources.
> Any good papers out there on taking the DMTD approach and extending it to
> simultaneous observation of a number (like 3 or 5) of oscillators?  I'm
> I've missed at least one ..
> Bob

JPL have had such systems for many years:


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