[time-nuts] 1pps to 10khz PIC stuff

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 22 08:01:02 UTC 2010

Hi Ashley,
Reading between the lines, are you trying to subsitute a 1pps output GPS for use in the  G3RUH 10kHz GPSDO design? If this is the case youwould be better off "biting the bullet" and going for a design that uses 1pps directly. An example is the classic Brooks Shera design, 
While it's simple to build, there are limitations to the G3RUH design. Adding extra circuitry to generate the 10kHz is most likely to degrade the perfomance. A good overview of GPSDO's can be found here, 
Timing grade Motorola Oncore GPS's are availble cheaply on ebay.
Robert G8RPI.

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Hi.....has anyone experiemented with programming a PIC to get 10khz out of 1pps GPS pulses ?  If so, maybe a link or two please , or some info .


Thank You
Ms Ashley Hall
183 N 5th Avenue
Cornelius, Oregon


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