[time-nuts] 5061a now look at wrong freq A1 fault

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Feb 27 04:38:14 UTC 2010

I think the best policy re: initial setup of the 5061A is to follow the
manual.  There are clear instructions on how to set the beam current and
second harmonic indications and tune the OCXO to find the central peak.  If
it is locked but not exactly at 5 MHz, either your C-field is grossly off,
or (more likely) you are tuned to a side peak.  But the beam current should
be verified before worrying about that.

-- john, KE5FX

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> the problem was in the syinthesizer  board   A1 , the xtal oscillator
> 12.63  was to much aging and was at the limit of pll , now I fixed this
> board  , now the 12.63 signal is clear and loocked , before was
> very noisy .
> But seeme there are more problem  , the signal now is very close to
> 5MHZ  but there are some difference from my rubidium and my Z3805a
> The 5 MHZ now is near 5 x 10-10   .
> Now I need to ascertain , if there are more fault , or because I have an
> high performance tube , I need a degausser ??????
> I will continue to study .
> all suggestion will be appreciated
> i5uxj
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