[time-nuts] 5061a now look at wrong freq A1 fault

Dott. Alfredo Rosati alfredorosati at alice.it
Sat Feb 27 03:35:37 UTC 2010

the problem was in the syinthesizer  board   A1 , the xtal oscillator 
12.63  was to much aging and was at the limit of pll , now I fixed this 
board  , now the 12.63 signal is clear and loocked , before was very noisy .
But seeme there are more problem  , the signal now is very close to 
5MHZ  but there are some difference from my rubidium and my Z3805a
The 5 MHZ now is near 5 x 10-10   .

Now I need to ascertain , if there are more fault , or because I have an 
high performance tube , I need a degausser ??????

I will continue to study .

all suggestion will be appreciated


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